Client:Machinima Project:VFX/3D Supervising, Co-Directing, Compositing , 3D Animation, Lighting, VFX, Color Design

Chalk this up to the grail projects to work on… Transformers. Yep, I was brought into this project mid way through to help finish what was left behind by another team. Basically had to start from scratch to deliver these motion comics. The schedule? One 2 minute episode every 4 days for a whole month. Basically 1 a week, for a month. And boy it was crazy. I had to deal with the day job and then this at night while also managing a remote 3D artist. Basically? No sleep for a month lol. But all of the shorts came out cool. I would have loved to animate more, but time and money were not on my side on this one. The final result aired on Go90 and later aired on youtube.