Client:Walmart / Saatchi & Saatchi Project:VFX Supervising / Directing , Digital Clean Up, VFX, Compositing , Social Campaign Animations

Got to leave the office on this one =) This was a fun Star Wars shoot that required onsite VFX supervising to ensure quality of work with minimal cost and time. Compositing was made easy since I was on set and knew exactly what footage I had. A lot of the shots were shot on a motion controlled rig which made for easy match comps, and no need for track points. Tho some stabilization was needed since the rig with shake a bit. For the Ewoks only had roughly 10 figures to work with so plates were needed to multiply them into an army. For the game, we had to comp in the Video Game footage. And for Kylo Ren I had to make a seamless transition between full and empty box. (There was a more magical take of floating force bag, but legal). Along side the videos, I was tasked to make their IG and Facebook Social Campaigns as well.

The Rest of the Series:

Social Campaign for IG and Facebook: